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J.R. Goldberg is an illustrator, printmaker, and comic book artist who resides in the ancient caves of Los Angeles. She escaped with a BFA from the renowned School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which she feels has too many “ofs” in its title. J.R. had her first book published by Slave Labor Graphics, entitled JELLYFIST, for which she provided the illustrations, and half of the commentary. Additional works include HOW TO BE A PROPER HOST, and other zines for the Small Science Collective. J.R hopes to not become a hobo, forced to draw on the side of dumpsters, and eat cardboard.


To everyone that happens upon this wee poop-zone, salutations!  I have finally become part of this futuristic, inter-slice-junk, after many years of remaining in a technologically hermitized state. I’ll eventually be posting up my artworks for the viewing, as this will become my lil’ inter-home and portfolio.