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Well, HELLO!

It has been what feels like ages since I posted on my own site.  I mean, what the hell, right?

Recently, I carved out some time to do a small edition of prints for my lovely friend Deanna Rooney’s Sweaty/Drippy artshow at Meltdown Comics (which happened this past Friday).  And I gotta say, I am PRETTY STOKED on these.  I had SO MUCH FUN printing up these sexy, melty bros.

This is a tri-color (florescent pink, blue and yellow) whopper of a print, silkscreened with transparent inks on velvety, porous, ULTRA-THICK pieces of 16×16 inch letterpress paper.


In the area’s where each color overlaps, they form new colors, giving it the appearance of additional purples, greens and oranges. I could not be happier with how these came out. HNNNG.

I plan on doing way more experimental prints like this, with the prismatic overlapping tones.

These will be available for purchase online very soon!  There are only 40, but if the edition has enough interest, I’m thinking about doing an alternate color version for funsies!

I hope you dig ’em!



2 Thoughts on “Scoop-Bros Print

  1. Lookee you! Posting things? Gold star! I would like to say yes: please continue the prismatic printing process you speak of. It looks hot.

  2. Do you do print out on shirts cause if you do I would love to buy a couple

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