Mini-Paint Glory!!

Howdy, Chitlins!

Jhonen put together this SHWEET, sped up video of me painting one of those lil’ mini art buttons I’ve been making.  I have never had anyone film me woiking, so it is an interesting thing even for myself to gaze upon.  The painting itself is about 1’inch, done with a copic pen, and acrylic ink….  significantly teensy.  If you can, follow the video to the vimeo site, and watch it in HD.  The quality is a sminch better.

It’s a godzilla-like pig monster.

J.R. Goldberg: The Enbuttoning from Chancre Scolex on Vimeo.
The song is “I Went and Had My Knives Sharpened” by I Am Spoonbender.

11 Thoughts on “Mini-Paint Glory!!

  1. Tis splendid me laydee, seeing such an intricate little master piece emerge, has me salivating at the thought of how our hybrid corpse may look.

    Hope your back on top, toddle pip…


  2. So how long did it take you in not-sped-up time?

  3. It was about 40 minutes and a bit extra, to draw and paint that wee dealy.

  4. Is the old man of any relavance? Last time I checked you were female and rather young… or is this some work of Jhonen?

    I’d like to thank you for ispiring me into using inks, i think they can help me finally colour things and be happy with it, what sort of paper do you use? Im sure the ordinary stuff would just crinkle.

  5. Zombie: Ha! The old man at the end of the video is a little mug with a picture of the pope on it! I was using it to rinse out my brushes. Yes, I am female and quite young, but certainly have the mind and interests of an elderly person. Heh. In terms of materials, I use all sorts of lovely papers. In this case, I used a vintage, lightly textured, orange-toned paper by Strathmore. I generally use heavier weight paper, as yes, it will crinkle, or pill, or any number of obnoxious things if it is too light. Choosing papers can be a bit tricky, but if you are going to use acrylic inks, I prefer using a paper that is not only heavy, but a bit porous. The pressed surface papers (those with shiny, super-smooth surfaces) tend to not absorb the inks in a way I find satisfying. I have a brilliant little sketchbook, that has great paper for inking in it if you are looking for colored papers to work on, called the “Fabriano Artist’s Journal”. I love it. You can see, and buy em’ here:

  6. Amazing work, as always. I’m impressed by the amount of details you put into the little piece, especially once you started painting it.

    It is indeed an interesting process and I NEED to have one now.

    Also, it would be nice to see some kind of tutorial of all the materials you use. It’s quite inspiring to see a real artist at work!

  7. Could you also please divulge me in the difference’s between different types of inks? i spent today experimenting with some crappy inks that i managed to nab whilst i was in my art lesson but i didn’t get a very satisfactory result… well im guessing you used inks for this… im going to feel stupid if you haven’t.

    (god i’ve been all questiony today)

  8. Absolutely adorable! I love how shiny that pig is. 😀

  9. Gurkle: Many thanks, sah!! My end of the corpse is coming along swimmingly… I’m quite excited about its resulting awesomeness!!

  10. Erika on March 28, 2009 at 4:12 pm said:

    that is utterly amazing!
    hahaha was he like up in your grill with the camera?
    or does it have an amazing zoom?

  11. Morgan B. on April 1, 2009 at 8:11 pm said:

    heh heh…I like yours and Jhonen’s work…its so cool when you work together…either for Jellyfist or this cool video…I must say your art style rocks…I draw too, and mine is catoony different…but not as wicked as your stuff….*sniff* can’t draw cool shit damnit! lol. ^_^

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