Got Decked, yo.

I know, I know…  I have really been slacking on the posts, now get off my leg.

Actually, I was zooming from LA to Chicago and back again, to visit peepsies.  However, I am back now and hope to be avidly tossing shit up here for you pipples to look at, to remind yourselves “Wait, why did I come here?”.

Anyway, decks.  I am by no means a person who skates board and I am certainly not coordinated enough to even stand on an unmoving board with no wheels, but I do have a fondness for decks on an aesthetic level.  As a result, I’ve decided to design a few myself…

Finished this one today!

I’m going to attempt to get these printed up, produced as a limited edition of physical boards and eventually available for purchase! I’m hoping they come out well!


7 Thoughts on “Got Decked, yo.

  1. Wow this is fraken awsome,LOL ,you should do one of the books artists make on how to draw,but in like comic form,that would me so cool.

  2. Mitch on May 6, 2009 at 9:47 pm said:

    Octopi in bottles!!

    He looks so incredibly sad.

    I’d ride around and fall on it.

    On an unrelated note, you ever get those EASTER EGGS ?!

  3. Do you KNOW what my favorite animal is?

    YOU are, Cunch, you are…

  4. This makes me wish I could skateboard, just so I could slam this into someone’s face as I do one of those Tony Hawk tricks I learned from playing that Tony Hawk game.

  5. Tis beast!
    Try placing it in a mock template… I email you one.

  6. I can’t skate even for my life, but I’d definitely would buy one of these.

    And you are right, we missed your posts. I won’t get off your leg, though.

    Happy you’re back!

  7. Don’t know how I didn’t find my way over here sooner. What a great image. Awesome design, perfectly cartoony and grotesque. I’m an immediate fan of your work. Staying tuned…

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