I had this lil’ stuffed doods at SDCC, but sold out of them almost instantaneously!  I will be making some more, but as I have no photo documentation of the physical lil’ guys, here is the original drawing they done sprang from…

The second they are available again, I’ll be sure to post a linky!


5 Thoughts on “DOLLOP.

  1. Hi jenny! I believe I was the first to adopt a dollop and start the trend. I’m sure the next batch will find homes nearly immediately from which they can plot their nefarious deeds and leak their collective anuses!

  2. I love the anal dew, nice touch. Makes him adorably disgusting.

  3. @Noah Haha! I believe you were, sir! Such a trendsetter you are! I hope the next brood are just as quickly snatched up, and loved by their new owners!

  4. my dollop is currently strangling my cat, is this an intended feature or should we have a talk?

  5. Ahh, no no. Don’t you worry Andrew, Dollops generally have a lust for cat strangling. He’s a young Dollop, it’ll pass with age. You may have to get a few more cats, though.

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