Seduction of the Idiots Art Show : OTTAWA

I was asked by the über talented Bob Flynn And David DeGrand to participate in their “Seduction of the Idiots” show, taking place in Ottawa, Ontario!

I painted a 4 peice collection called “The Bloodies”, including “Mashy” the Mallet, “Jabby” the Bottle, “Choppy” the Cleaver, and “Poppy” the Gun.  Each painting is 6×6 inches, painted with acrylic inks on pine panels!

Here’s a write-up about the show!

Opening Party: Friday, August 27th
7pm to 10pm

Comics have long been accused of transforming young, impressionable children into savage maniacs incapable of existing as productive members of society. This is of course, completely ridiculous. At worst, comics warp fragile minds into wanting to become cartoonists themselves, which is arguably slightly better than the juvenile delinquent scenario. In any case, comics are here to stay, whether uptight citizens like it or not. The artists on display in “Seduction of the Idiots” are all examples of what can happen when comic and cartoon addiction is not dealt with early enough. Let this art show serve as a warning to parents everywhere; know what your child is watching and reading every second of their lives. The last thing you want is to be the parent of an idiot.

Featuring Artwork by:

Chris Eliopoulos (Chicago, IL)
Michael DeForge (Toronto, ON)
David DeGrand (Weatherford, TX)
Bob Flynn (Boston, MA)
J.R. Goldberg (Los Angeles, CA)
Chris Houghton (Detroit, MI)
John Martz (Ottawa, ON)
Dan Moynihan (Boston, MA)
Kaz Prapuolenis (Los Angeles, CA)
Katie Rice (Los Angeles, CA)
Rebecca Sugar (Los Angeles, CA)
Steve Wolfhard (Toronto, ON)

Exhibit runs from August 27th to September 12th

canteen art shop + gallery
238 dalhousie
ottawa, ontario k1n 7e2

A Pile of Clones.

My hand-painted (all in acrylic inks), super fancy skate deck is complete!  It was truly a labor of love.  Jhonen Vee assisted me in naming it, “The Path to Individuality is a Pile of Dead Clones”.  If you are in the LA area and have some time to kill, you should poop on by to the show!  There’s a good chance I’ll be there, standing around n’ shit…


Board out of My Mind
Los Angeles Art Walk
August 12, 2010
7:00PM – 11:00PM

111 W. 7th Street R3
(Between Spring & Main)
Los Angeles, CA 90013

One week of MUTINY!

I’m so ECSTATIC, yo!  Myself and LTDtee have teamed up to make Mutiny of the Flesh shirts!!  They each come in custom boxes, with the artwork printed on the top, as well as an 8×10 print, all for the terribly reasonable price of $26.99.  They are only available for THIS WEEK ONLY (ending August 1st)!  So, if you digg em’, please pop over to the site and scoop one up!

They have also posted some SHWEET free Mutiny wallpapers in a variety of sizes!

I have a terribly itchy case of SDCC’s.

I am sure many of you secretly (or openly) resent me for my horrendous lack of consistency, but just know that deep down in my heart, I truly don’t care.

I will be at San Diego Comic Con hocking my wares, and waving my arms enthusiastically.  I would love nothing more then to see your faces, and wave my arms in them!

YES, YOU! YOUR FACE. (pointing)

Here’s my schedule (SLG Booth):

Thursday – Saturday: 2:30pm-4:00pm & 5:30pm-7:00pm

Sunday – 2:00pm-3:00pm

So, come say hello!  We can wave our arms enthusiastically together.


I have completed a super-fance-town, two color (black and turquoise) print , entitled “Mutiny of the Flesh”.  This was hand screen-printed, by me, with much love, sweat and cursing in the 105 degree heat of Los Angeles.  It was screened onto my most very favorite paper, a super-heavy, translucent, almost plastic-like, 75lbs cover weight vellum.  I have been completely obsessed with this shit for ages.

Size: 13.75 x 19.5 inches

Each print will also be accompanied by two matching buttons!  See image BELOW…

I will be bringing these along with my to SDCC, but if you’d like me to set one aside for you, they’re up in my etsy shop, just for yew!

Secret sidenote: If you are all into, around and up in this design, is going to be creating “Mutiny of the Flesh” shirts for a limited week-long-run!  I’ll tell you more when they become available… SHHHH!!!

This one goes out to all my bitches.

Welp, I’m not going to deny the fact that it has been a while….  but you know, sometimes shit goes down, and life hands you fist-loads of dookie, with shards of candy poking out of its sides.  I have received a grip of emails over the last several months, from people either questioning wether I had died and my ghost has simply been updating my twitter account, or outright DEMANDING that I update my site.  I can’t help but feel simultaneously flattered and horribly irritated (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE).

Anyhow, this is for you.  I felt it a bizarrely appropriate afterthought that I update my blog on Easter (despite being of Jewish descent).  Like Jesus, today my corpse rises from the pastel-colored celestial Egg of Rebirth, to don my magical Armor of Peeps, and mount the Giant Bunny of Salvation, to cleanse the souls of the damned with my candy-lasers of cleanliness.


Okay, you’re clean.

So, here’s the poop.  Thanks to the full-time jobbery and work-hardery, I saved enough funds to erect a proper screen printing lab!  We ain’t talking a kiddie set up, neither.  Kinks are in the process of getting smoothed, and it should be in full swing by the end of the month.  I’m hoping to put up a site that is strictly print-related, with my small operation going by the name “Robber Fly Prints”, but also working in conjunction with PaperDevil, another upcoming print site.  I will not only be producing my own super-fancy items, but also working collaboratively with other artists to make awesome collab-printsets and other print-media available to you lovely peeps.

I have much on the table at the moment, but I will be snapping photos and documenting it along the way to share with yous.  Expect upcoming print-posts, showing all who don’t know, the process of what goes into a single print.

So dats it, doods.  I have handed you the poop.  I hope to be posting more consistently, but if I do happen to disappear, please don’t yell at me.


I recently did this teensy 6×6 inch painting on a thick, pine panel with my favorite acrylic inks.  Yuhknow, just for funzies.  I thought I should share it with your faces. I’m considering selling prints of this lil’ dood…  If there is interest, tell me!


Infectious squid-board: A REAL THING! FOR REALS!

How exciting!!  My board has been made into a true, physical thing!!  They are currently for purchase at Infectious, for $59.99 a piece (as they are being produced in a very limited run).  Please scoop one of these lil’ doods up while they’re still available!  When I receive mine, I will surely take photos at slap ’em up here, in yo’ face!

PS:  There is also an interview section over at the Infectious site…  where they…  yuhknow…  interviewed me, and I answered questions.  With my fists.


Playtime with Chubby.

I introduced you all to my ferret, Dr. Stinky McPooperton/Chubbs, in a previous post.  He and I go on adventures, getting filthy, and digging in the yard.


Facial Sketches…

Sometimes I need to remind myself that everything is not wiener-shaped, and squishy by drawing things with a touch of structure.



I had this lil’ stuffed doods at SDCC, but sold out of them almost instantaneously!  I will be making some more, but as I have no photo documentation of the physical lil’ guys, here is the original drawing they done sprang from…

The second they are available again, I’ll be sure to post a linky!




Hello, mine kindela.  I know it has been all too long, as I have been recieving messages informing me that I have passed away or simply given up on all of you.  Not true!  Life has simply served me up a steaming pile of crap, causing me to quiet down for a wee bit, but only in the end making me more powerful.

SDCC!  Time now to don your favorite sweat-stained Storm Trooper costume, and break out the wieners…  it’s that time again!!  San Diego Comic Con is in a few days, and I will be there.  I will be there bathing in the stench of fellow geeks, and rubbing myself down with jars of antibacterial-juice in order to keep myself relatively sanitary.  Relatively.

Please come by the SLG booth, and say “hello!” as I will be signing solo part-time, and would love gaze upon your smiling faces.  I promise that I am quite friendly.

Here’s how the signing schedule gonna go:

  • Thursday:  Jhonen and myself – 2:30-4:00pm and 5:30-7:30pm
  • Friday: Just me – 11:30am-1:00pm, Jhonen and I – 5:30-7:30pm
  • Saturday:  Just me – 12:30-2:00pm, Jhonen and I – 5:30-7:30pm
  • Sunday:  Just me – 10:00-11:00pm, Jhonen and I – 3:30-5:00pm

I look forward to seeing you there!!!

PS:  Above are a few hand-painted soopuh-mini prints I will be selling at SDCC!  Each are 1.5×2.5 inches, hand-cut, hand-printed (gocco) on wood, and come in matching wax envelopes!  TEENSY-TOWN!!!  Each are lovingly handmade by yours truly.

PSS:  I will be posting other bits ünd bobs that I’ll be bringing to SDCC in the upcoming days!

Infectious Board Design Contest

Puhlease pop by and vote fer my octo-board if you haven’t done so!

0 days left for voting…