Daily Doodle: Ooooh, Girrrl.

I inked up this saucy broad whenst I was last in Chicago, staying at a friend’s place.  I told her that I was going to draw the first person I saw on the teevee, and it happened to be this angry zebra-topped woman on the Maury show.  She believed that her husband had supposedly cheated with her skank of a friend that made a really excellent “Chicken Tetrazzini”.


Daily Doodle Duo: Toothy Bastard and the Holy Molars

Straight out dah mouth!toothy-bastard2holymolars1

Hungry Girl Daily Doodle

A wee doodle I finished today…  Them bunnies look mighty tasty.


Got Decked, yo.

I know, I know…  I have really been slacking on the posts, now get off my leg.

Actually, I was zooming from LA to Chicago and back again, to visit peepsies.  However, I am back now and hope to be avidly tossing shit up here for you pipples to look at, to remind yourselves “Wait, why did I come here?”.

Anyway, decks.  I am by no means a person who skates board and I am certainly not coordinated enough to even stand on an unmoving board with no wheels, but I do have a fondness for decks on an aesthetic level.  As a result, I’ve decided to design a few myself…

Finished this one today!

I’m going to attempt to get these printed up, produced as a limited edition of physical boards and eventually available for purchase! I’m hoping they come out well!


Fancy chippy commercials…

I’m always amazed when some giant corporation does something innovative with it’s advertising, and recently Frito Lay has been producing these incredibly well made, charming ads for its chips and dips, the “made for each other” campaign.  While these commercials don’t necessarily make me want to get out there and gorge myself on corn chips and bean dip, I truly dig the artistic end of these little shorts.  Take a gander…

Do you know the onion man?


So, I’ve been silk-screening, and painting on fabric…  with the hopes, and intent of sewing up lil’ stuffed toys.

Well, success!  I’ve made me an angry lil’ onion man.  The process still needs a bit of tweaking, and he’s a bit raw, but I will soon be making little friends to sell in my etsy shop!  You too can have your very own crudely, hand-made buddy…  constructed out of PURE CUNCH LOVE.





Insect photos continued…

I mentioned yesterday that I was unable to locate the oothica to those little mantids.  Well, I found it!  Not only the oothica, but a tiny newborn mantis dangling from it by a thread.  I was probably a hell of a lot more excited than your average person to discover a mantis egg sac in the yard, but hey, it’s the little things.  Right?

This little guy in the photos was so fresh outta the sac, that he hadn’t even formed a hard shell yet.  He was all soft, white, and squishy.

You can see the oothica in the photos.  Looks like part of the bark, so you’ll have to concentrate to differenciate it from the bush’s branch-arms.

Whuh? When did spring happen?

Being a shut in the majority of the time, sometimes I forget what is happening outside my door during the hours where the sun is in the sky.  Which is silly, considering I love nothing more than walking around outside barefoot, and leafing through plants for insects.  Today was the first time in ages that I actually did just that…  and goddammit…  I’m ecstatic I did.  I’ve always considered myself the poor-man’s (or woman’s) entomologist.  There are few things that compare to bug hunting for me…  getting out there, with my jars, camera, and bug net.  Examining the microcosmic planets of the insects, while trying to avoid getting ticks.  Anyway, in taking a stroll today, I happened upon some teeeensy newborn mantids, and two rather awesomely toned grasshoppers (among other things).  I hunted for those mantid’s ootheca for ages, as they seemed to be sort of clustered on one plant, but to no avail.

Either way, INSECT HIGH FIVE!!

Lez talk Materials…

G’day, Puppies!

Ever since “The Enbuttoning” video was posted yesterday, I have been receiving a buncha questions about what materials I use.  I figured I should do a post about it, to fill yous guys in and answer these questions in a blanket manner.  Most artists are quite secretive about their materials, like a magician’s code to not reveal how the illusion is created.  But honestly, I would have liked someone to make recommendations to me when I was wee-er about to shed a touch of light on the neat materials out there.  So here you go, chillin’s.  For all you questioning, and quandary-ridden munchkins out there… a few of my favorite materials!


  • Firstly, we gots the Liquitex acrylic inks.  I also use quite a bit of Liquitex acrylic paints (the kinds in the little pots, because it tends to be a bit thinner).  I love dis shit, lemmie tell you.  Not only is there color selection über vibrant and rich, but the ink itself has an opacity that most other inks do not.  Fuck, I want to drink these colors right outta the bottle.  The white is especially opaque, making it perfect for highlights, as it sits atop your paper in solid glory.  When I use em’, I use em’ like watercolors.  They are perfect to use straight out of the bottle for really intense color, or watered down for a nice wash.  I can’t recommend these more highly.


  • Seriously peepsies, I feel Windsor Newton can do no wrong, and their gorgeous non-opaque inks are simply glorious.  They come in these brilliant mini-sample sets that have 8 beautiful colors, or so in em’.  They are a bit pricey, but well worth the cost.  As long as you take good care of em’ they’ll last you an age.  These are great, clear inks that can either be used by dippin’ your quill right into em’, or also using them with a brush in a watercolory fashion.  For all these inks (including the ones above), I do recommend using a heavier weight paper, as the moisture will chew right through the thin stuff.


  • What can I say…  I’m a suckuh for gold.  My mother has called me “magpie” all my life, because of my attraction to shiny bits n’ bobs (she also called me “old sock”, but that’s beside the point), and this shit caters to my need for a toucha bling.  Honestly, it reminds me of lovely old books with their beautiful gilded edges.  Windsor Newton makes an amazing gold ink that can either be completely opaque, or just provide a light glimmery wash on things.


  • I’m an old schooler at heart, and if you have the patience, and a steady hand, dip pens could really work for you.  They are not user-friendly for the most part, and are very easy to lose your temper at…  but when you’re done cursing, and threatening to break them over your knee, there’s a good chance you’ll come back and apologize to them.  I will always love my dippy pens.


  • In case you were wondering what I usually tote about with me, here are the general contents of my pencil case.  Blue and red animation pencils are great for sketches you are going to ink up.  If you are terrified of erasing, you can scan your image, and just drop the blue/red from it.  I also like having these to give my doodles touches of color… heh.  I used Microns for years, and yuhknow what?  I fucking hate them.  I will use em’ if there is absolutely nothing else available, but if you can find them Copic Multiliners totally kick Micron’s pen-ass!!  They tend not to come up as easily when you are erasing, and if you apply ink or watery paint over them, they don’t smear as much.  Overall, a far superior pen fo’ sho.  I carry both a Rapidomatic and a GraphGear clicky pencil.  I am VERY anal-retentive and tend to work teensy, and these pencils come in 0.3, which is really fucking fine.  Honestly, in my experience I have found no difference between these two pencils, other than the fact that the GraphGear is more expensive, and feels a bit better in your hand.  The good ole Rapidomatic will save you like $40, and works just as fine, however.  The white china pencil, and charcoal pencils I carry with me are great for highlights.  “What is the difference?” you may ask.  Well, one is oil-based, and the other is charcoal.  Basically, one smears the other doesn’t.  The charcoal pencil is great for smudging, and I personally like the results better.  It looks great on a colored, or dark-toned paper.

I hope that answered some questions, and the rest of your weren’t bored to tears!

Here’s a picture of my ferret.  He goes by the names “Dr. Pooperton”, “Chubbs”, “Stinky”, and “Stinky McPooperton”.chubby

PS:  I know the layout is doing weird things…  I’m workin’ on dat…  ehh.

Mini-Paint Glory!!

Howdy, Chitlins!

Jhonen put together this SHWEET, sped up video of me painting one of those lil’ mini art buttons I’ve been making.  I have never had anyone film me woiking, so it is an interesting thing even for myself to gaze upon.  The painting itself is about 1’inch, done with a copic pen, and acrylic ink….  significantly teensy.  If you can, follow the video to the vimeo site, and watch it in HD.  The quality is a sminch better.

It’s a godzilla-like pig monster.

J.R. Goldberg: The Enbuttoning from Chancre Scolex on Vimeo.
The song is “I Went and Had My Knives Sharpened” by I Am Spoonbender.

Creep Machine mentions!

The brilliant Creep Machine.com featured my lil’ “Today I Felt My Mortality” gocco print on their site, with a glowing description!  I’m all a twitter!mortality photo


Hello, boys and girls!  I’m on the fast-track to better-health-town, and felt it would be a fine time for an update.

Firstly, there have been two recent mentions of my Momento Mori printset, one at Creep Machine, and the other at OMGposters.com!  How exciting is that!?  I am absolutely tickled!


If you recall the sketch for “Today I Felt My Mortality”, I’ve cobbled it into a subtle-toned, 50-edition gocco print!  The print itself is 8.5×10, and is on saucy black cardstock.  I say subtle because it is partly a black on black print, so the background can only be seen when the black ink is hitting the light a certain way.  For the main image:  white, metallic gold, and grey oil-based inks.  I’m quite pleased with how it came out, but quite frankly, it is a bitch to photograph, so I feel that the jpegs aren’t doing the actual print much justice…  poo.  It’ll be up in my etsy shop today, for $40.

Also available in dur etsy shop tonight…  affordable buttons!



End note:  Below is the computer-colored version, so you’s can sees where I’ma comin’ from.