Well, it’s finally happened…  All of you have been terribly patient.

My etsy shop is FINALLY up and running!  I will be periodically adding new items to it, most of which are handmade.  I apologize that it took as long as it did mine kinderlekh, but you know how life can get in the way, and trip you up.  Anyway, pop by, take a gander, and keep checking for updates.  I’ll post new additions to the shop both here, and on dur twittor.


Here is one of the lil’ buttons from the “Living Dead Love” set #1.


Beautiful tofu-face.

Jhonen recently posted a bloog-article about this here doodle (white and blue skribble-abomination below), which we pooped out at Das House Uf Pies.  I was so taken with his finished Illustratorized vector version (saucy colored abomination below), that I had to post a link up here!  I mean, that doodle we did was hideously shitty, and he molded it into something mighty fancy!

Instant Art-Critique Phrase Generator

To all the current, and former art students out there…

This one goes out to you…


This was handed down to me as a joke by one of my favorite former instructors.  If you’ve ever had to withstand a “critique”, or “crit” with a room full of pretentious dickfaces/art students, you’ll get a kick outta dis.  You could also head over to your nearest über conceptual gallery/museum with a printed copy of this bad-boy, and read some of these phrases aloud.  You will definitely get a few swiveled heads, or raised brows.

Interrupted Neurotransmissions

I am presenting to you, an unfinished zine that I made about two years ago, around the time I pooped out How to be a Proper Host.  It is quite educational, and deals with the topics of parasitology, and entomology.  I’m also testing out this gallery plug-in I found, to see if it doesn’t suck.  HIGH FIVE!

Sweet, suckling swine.


My sister received one of these lil’ guys as a gift recently, and excitedly told me about it today.  I have never heard about this wondrous candy, this “Peppermint Pig” until now; a glorious product of the Saratoga Sweet Company.  This mint-flavored, hard candy hog includes a small faux-velvet whacking sack, as well as a tiny metal hammer.  The idea is, you stick the candy pig in the sack, tie it off, and beat its minty face in with the mini hammer until it breaks into smaller, edible pieces.

I suppose that makes sense, as opposed to sticking the whole goddamn pig in your face at once.  All the pleasures of pounding a live swine in a sack, without having to endure all that horrid squealing!

What fun!!

Today, I felt my Mortality (sketch)

mortalityHere’s a blue pencil sketch for an upcoming print I’m working on.  Take a gander, perhaps?

Penguin Man.

I’ve had this video sitting in my YouTube favorites for ages collecting dust, growing molds and mosses. I felt it necessary to bring it to your attention.

I’ma grown up.

yellowcrow greensqiddy bluejenny purplebunny purpledino

  • Like a real professional adult, I have made some new lil’ business cards!  I use moo.com‘s MiniCards, as they are AWESOME, and come in an unusually small format that I find to be aesthetically appealing.  If you happen to see me walking down the street, dancing on a table at your local restaurant, or at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, shake me down for one of deese puppies.  I’ll be carrying a grip of em’ solely out of enthusiasm for my professionalitudocitynessation…itude…ocity.

Sexy People


Not unlike the “Sexy People” website, which is AMAZING (by the way), I also collect unusual photos of people.  I happened to have these scanned already, so as an ode to Sexy People….  “Dona” from 1948, and this fabulous couple I have dubbed “Howard and Ruth”, because there are no visible names on the photo.  It looks to be from the late 50’s.  Whenever I can dig up my other photos, I will most certainly post those.

God bless you, Sexy People.

Horrors of PRON.

fop-27-enemy_hammock1A favorite PRON image from SomethingAwful.com’s “Horrors of Pornography” section.  You can see every tooth in the mouth of that girl on the lower left!  Impressive!  Speaking of which, Zack Parsons is my hero.

Ahhh, Scotland.

Rifling through some old picture files, I stumbled upon this gem I scanned in High School.  It came from an encyclopedic book about Scotland and its customs.  So, what have you learned about Scotland today, kids?upskirtscott

Batman FAIL

funny pictures
My poor Dad was sad that Failblog.org hadn’t accepted his entry, so I thought I’d throw it up here, as an ode to him.

I used the image from “John, herald to the planet eater’s” flickr, and LOLbuilder for the text.