Yeah, I dig the Golden Girls… What of it?

Pistol Youth – In My Eyes from Pistol Youth on Vimeo.

Jhonen was kind enough to point me in the direction of this awesome, and rather unsettling video from Pistol Youth.  It satiates the part of me that wears nude-colored pantyhose that have slid down my legs, and has menopausal hot-flashes.



Here is the straight ink for a print that I am working on, that I have lovingly entitled “Hurl”.  Don’t ask what is coming out of her mouth.  No, really.  Don’t ask.  This should be all printed up gocco-style, on wood paper in the next few days!  Woo hoo!  I will toss up a followup post with images of dur finished product.

Fat-blasting bath salts? Someone Helps!!


I find this packaging to be absolutely hilarious, and felt it essential to share with you inter-peeps.  My poor Japanese reading skills have informed me that this pouch of dirt-colored bath salts is supposed to aid in weight loss.  Thus, the fat little stick figure centered in the medical cross.

Bravo, Engrish, bravo!

Proper Host

Hey, my goony little zine got a wee bit of press!

Neat!!  Thanks to my friend Andy Yang, at the Small Science Collective for notifying me!

PS:  You can download your very own fold-up zine here.



Good lord, it’s been a while!

Yeah, yeah…  I know…  I’m the most inconsistent bloggor evor…  Anyway, TO THE SUBJECT!

During the holidays, I received a PS3, while despite only having a handful of games worth purchasing (so far), is undoubtedly one of the more futuristic pieces of gaming technology.  Quite Fancy!  In the last several days, I have wasted many an hour playing Little Big Planet, and Eden. Woo!

Those who are close to me would definitely define me as a pack rat…  I have ruins from back in the days of Elementary school still sitting around, because someday a situation may arise that calls for my 5th grade Spanish notes.  To segue into the topic at hand (using the PS3 as a juxtapositioning tool), I was rifling through some things in a closet this holiday, and came across some pretty amazing techno-gems from my past.  I thought I would share them with the rest of you biscuits…

My first laptop computer…  This thing actually plugged into a massive dock, that converted it into a desktop computer.  It easily weighs around 75 pounds.



Ahh, my original gameboy.  This muted grey brick is astounding in its heft, and can be described in one word: unwieldy… most likely because it contained an entire pack of AA batteries.  You may remember that the old-school gameboy’s screen was not back lit, not to mention impossible to see the minuscule screen, so you had to trick out your GB with a slew of accouterments.  I had a ridiculously large magnifying glass, that could also be used for focusing the sun and setting fire to large patches of pretty much anything, as well as a light, that attached to absolutely nothing, so I was forced to keep it in place in pure ghetto fashion- with some duct tape, or several rubber bands.  AMAZING.

I also located my more modern, slimmer gameboy color, as well as the gameboy camera, and its printer!  I was shocked to find that it actually still worked a little bit, as it pooped out a little “hello” message, which can be seen at the very top of the post.  Sidenote:  Check out those grotesque error screens!!



Here’s a few classic titles…  Some Ren and Stimpy’s Space Cadet, a little Beetlejuice, and who could forget the classic, Tiny Toon Adventures: Bab’s Big Break.

In this mess of fossils I came across my Sega Genesis, my Saturn, and my PSone to boot!  Pretty sweet if you ask me.

I’m hoping you all had a tolerable holiday!  Weeeehew!

Munny, all over your face.

It’s been a while…  I know.  About 24 days since I last posted.  Heh…


I am a big goon for vinyl toys, and often can’t keep myself from spending the money I don’t have on the latest Kid Robot pieces.  In that vein, I decided this last Comic Con, to purchase their relatively large, blank “Munny” toy, and paint it up myself.  I thought I’d throw some pictures up here for dur shits, and giggles.


Terrifying, dark times.

Have a seat, a cup of tea perhaps. This is a touch on the long, and ranty side.

Although I am sure that you’ve all been bombarded with election 08′ news coverage, commercials, and so fourth, I feel that I must do my part in urging everyone to register, and vote this year.  I find this particular election to be not only one of the most important, but one of the most frightening.  I know that digesting the constant vomiting of misinformation, and ridiculously childish jabs from both of our candidates, has been a taxing, and rather depressing spectacle.  Unfortunately, because of the media, and the creation of wrong information coming from both Obama, and McCain it is important to do your own legwork in researching the correct information, and thusly, making an informed decision.  I have been frequenting to double check mine.

Now for my personal outlook:  We run the tremendous risk of having seated in the oval office a crusty old codger, with even crustier propositions for our country, followed around by an horrendously anti-feminist and ignorant, puppet of a hockey mom.  With the two of these buffoons in the cockpit, we will surely end up IN HELL.  The rich will continue get richer, the middle class will become the lower class, and the lower class will become homeless.  The mentions of a second Great Depression have been brought up time, and again.  The rights of women will hang even more so in the balance than they already do; as the McCain/Palin ideal seems to dictate that women should have no say in what happens to their own bodies, as they are to be ruled by ancient Christian morals.  We will continue our wars, and our ties with foreign countries will continue to unravel, while a second Vietnam continues to kill off innocent people from both sides.  Not to mention our disintegrating environment will worsen, and we’ll still be dependent on foreign countries for our energy sources.  Unbelievable, and scary.

Even though I feel that Hillary, and Al Gore should have been in control, and truly be the ones repairing the endless damage that our current slow-witted president has wreaked, Obama is a bright gentleman who has the potential to mend our ravaged country.

If you have not registered to vote yet, the time is nigh. Every little bit helps, so PLEASE, do not consider your voice to be an insignificant one.  In a time where most individuals seem jaded, and riddled with apathy, GIVE A DAMN.  SAVE YOURSELVES!

If my rant has even gotten one of you to point, click, and register, then god dammit… I’m happy.

Thank you muchly for reading.

Jenny Goldberg

I’m a fucking wizard.

I’ve dugg the shit that Brad Neely has thrown for quite some time…  but this episode I done dugged as one of my favorites.  You kiddies should pop over, and oggle Mr. Neely’s other witty, and historically accurate videos, if you respond strongly to this one.

PS: The title of this post comes from one of the few flash tub games, notably named “The Stupid Room“…  give it a go.  It will make you shit your pants.

Gocco Printin’.

Hi-dee-hi-dee-ho, littluns!

I recently puked up this little dealy, (which I have dubbed “Hop-Skip”) and for your veiwing pleasure I thought I’d slap it up here.  It depicts a shifty looking, dual-headed jump roper, surrounded by a border of childishly rendered venus flytraps.  This piece was printed as a 4-part separation, on my wee gocco press.  One could use the analogy: Gibson Les Paul™ is to Guitar Hero guitar as screen-printing is to Gocco press, to describe this sadly dying printmedia-type.

This lil’ print measures at 11×8.5in, and has a limited run of 28 editions.  It will soon be available for purchase at my future etsy shop.

Ancient electronics still have a purpose.

It is not often that I am blown away by the remixing of songs, but James Houston has rolled up with his mad-skills, and absolutely blasted my knickers off. His remix of the Radiohead’s “Nude”, is completely comprised of synchronized ghostly bleeps, bloops, and grinds of archaic electronic equipment, ranging from relic printers to aged scanners. In short, inspiring.

Please, rub this on your face, and enjoy its soft, nutty texture.


Salutations, peepsies.  I know that the frequency of my posts have taken a bit of a nose-dive, so I feel I should post a wee update.

At the moment, I am working on two books for young readers (which I am both writing and illustrating), and I’ve been slappin’ down the inks with my little Gocco press; hand-printing some limited edition prints to sell in an etsy shop.  Finally, I’m preparing some paintings for an art show that SLG will be having in December.  I will post more when I have more to tell. Pooonch!!

Aside from all that, I have been avidly collecting, and pinning insects.

I’ll be sure to post images of the bits n’ bobs I am working on, but until then, watch this video of a gent in Thailand who makes disturbingly realistic human body parts out of bread.


Often, when sitting in a public place with a fellow art-type-person, a dirty piece of paper is slid back n’ forth, and scribbled onto, in order to pass the time.  I thought I would share with you this crap-tacular hunk-o-doodles pooped out by myself, and Jhonen at a wee tea place.

Note:  Most of my drawings are more darkly lined… and some of these horrible creations are an exquisite-corpses of sorts.


To view commentary, and see into the minds of us arteests, go here!