Shooting at Dinosaurs.

Greetings, s’been a while since I last posted anything…  so, in an act of total nerd-dom, I am posting this brilliant Smythe find.  Jurassic Park Trespasser is one of the first games with physics, and is played from the perspective of a pair of tits with a flailing noodle appendage.  An über talented SA goon put together these videos where he plays the entire Trespasser game, while narrating about the history/general editorial.  This is quite the hoot, if I do say so myself.  WATCH, and BEHOLD!

I believe this is your sandwich.

Jhonen brought this nugget of gold to my attention, and it is truly brilliant.

Have a sit. Whatcha this.

My friend Smythe Higgins alerted me to these awesome videos…  I felt they should be shared with the world.  EVERYBODY HOLD HANDS!!!

I don’t wanna ruin the surprise.  Just click the linkies…  Please…  Do it.



My life was certainly altered by these.

Tee shirt update.

Well, looky here!  Finally, up on the SLG site for your consumption, are the ghosties tee and “I’m fucking you” bear tee!  Hoo-haa!!  Very exciting!  They seem to have not posted images of them yet, but you can just take a looksee here:

These are printed on soft jersey shirts, and not those rigid cotton dealies that you could potentially use as a shield, if duck-taped to your arm.  The bear shirt is printed on a lovely asphalt grey shirt, with black and fluorescent pink inks.  With lightning bolts for pupils, he violently humps the lower right corner of your torso, while shrieking “OH YEAH!  YOU LIKE THAT?!”.  The ghosties shirt is printed in a friendly toxic-puke green, on a charcoal colored shirt.  These ghosties start in a clump on the lower left, and disperse diagonally up the shirt, moaning and making goony facial expressions.  As they do.

Jhonen has written a far more colorful description here.

Please, my children!  If you will, feast upon these bounteous tees!

Head Full O’ Bees poster update.

To all of yous that couldn’t make it to SDCC, and wanted your very own Head Full of Bees poster- the time is nigh for you, my friends!  SLG has put it up on their site for the ordering.  A mere $8.95.

Oh, frabjous day.  Calloo callay.

Here’s a linky.  Please enjoy!

Post Comic-Con Poop-out.

Armed with a praying mantis, sharpies, and a bucket of Theraflu™, (which I would intermittently shove my fists into, and smear all over my face like a pooh-bear in honey) I hauled my infected-ass out to SDCC.

I have to honestly say, that despite being plagued with a mystery-illness that left me covered in bruises, and squeaking like a dolphin for the duration of con, this was one of the most successful SDCCs I have ever attended.  As an artist, to be amidst such talented, and mutually ecstatic people, was a highly positive experience that left me feeling quite warm-cockled.  I walked off with some pretty sweet booty, as well as the business cards of many talented peepsies.  If you have a moment, you should check out some of these awesome people I met:

Jeremy Bastian, I bought a tremendously awesome print from.  Also, check out his blog, which has a lot more of his current work.

Lark Pien was painting these teensy lil’ watercolors very intently, so, I wasn’t able to chat with her all that much.  However, I really dugg her work)

The freakishly talented Kevin Manthei (Invader Zim’s music man) bought me a sandwich, when I was incapacitated by sickness.

The mastermind behind The Babysitter, Andy Ristaino, has some crazy-mad skills.

Over at Imaginism Studios, Bobby Chiu’s work really struck me.

Justin Parpan‘s dinosaurs and monsters caught me from a distance.

Roman Muradov dropped by the booth while I was signing, and I rifled through his portfolio.  He rocks the sequential art.

This is just a short list of people who I found to be inspiring, and had the fortune of meeting.

Finally, thanks to everyone who came up and said “hullo”, and showed a genuine interest in what I do.  It meant a great deal to me, while distracting me from the nagging phlegm tugging at my uvula.

PS:  If anyone got photos at the signings, could please send them to  I’d really appreciate it.  Sitting behind the booth did not allow for much photo-documentation, and I tend to be a bit of a geek for nostalgia.

A-Hoocha, hoocha, hoocha…  Lobstuh.

Tees to see.

Howdy, from the magical isle of comics, here at the exceedingly thick-aired Comic Con!  Things are going well, as I have been approached by many lovely peepsies, and some very talented other peepsies.  I saw the posters for the first time Thursday, and man, they are snazzy!  In addition to the bee-head posters, I also have two tee-shirts available!  Woohoo!

These are for sale at the SLG booth, and in the near future, on their website!  As soon as I get a link, I’ll slap it up here.

PS:  To those who came to see me today at the signing, I am so sorry!  I have been sick for the duration of Con, and it got particularly bad today.  So, I am taking the day to recoup for tomorrow…


Take a sec for the environment. has organized a petition to help support Al Gore’s goal for 100% cheap, clean resources for our energy.  With the use of wind, solar, and other clean energy sources, to replace oil and coal.  He wants to achieve this goal within the next 10 years, however, the oil and coal companies are obviously fighting back, calling it “impossible, unrealistic, and crazy”.  We have the technology for amazing environmentally friendly advances, and this plan if okay’d by Obama, McCain, and Congress would truly make a signifigant difference.

“Al Gore laid out a far-reaching yet simple plan to deal with the most pressing issues of the day. Switching to clean energy will help us survive the climate crisis. And save our souring economy. And help end the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and possibly Iran. And offer relief from high gas prices.” –

Please sign their petition! needs enough signatures to prove that we mean business, as Americans who care about the state of the environmental world!

Thank you!

Sign the petition here.

To learn more about, and what they do, head over to their website

Break out the disinfectant and hot dogs, SDCC is upon us!

I have received notice from SLG headquarters when I will be signing at their booth at SDCC!  The (tentative?) schedule goes:

Thursday:  12pm-2pm, then 3pm-4pm

Friday and Saturday:  12pm-1:30pm, then 3pm-4:30pm

Sunday:  12pm-1:30pm, then 3pm-4pm

If you too are going to be enduring the San Diego Comic Con sweat-vortex, please feel free to pop by the booth to say “hullo!”, or some other exclamation!  Thursday I have a feeling, will be quite quietish, as I’ll be flying solo that day. I will most likely be the one huddled behind the stack of Jellyfists, nose embedded in my PSP/DS/sketchbook, or something.  Come on by!


For all you old-school print-process enthusiasts, or you peepsies who just enjoy shiny objects, Chicago Comics are throwing down some awesome, and carrying my Momento Mori Mini print sets online!  Weehoo!  This petite, 9-peice joy-nugget measures about 5.5×3.5 inches (each print), and is lovingly slathered in glowing slashes of florescent pink, olive green, and black oil-based ink.  If you’d like to own one, or simpy check it out, click this linky.

To see the individual prints, click the image, or the Momento Mori link in the sidebar.

Take note that these are hand-printed, and have a touch of variation from set to set.

PS:  Thanks to everyone who has shown an honest interest in my work, and site.  It warms the cockles of my heart.

How to be a Proper Host

I did some mini-zines a lil’ while back for the Small Science Collective, and decided to post a full color version for shits and giggles.  I hope everyone can learn a lil’ something.

Theeengs to come.


In time for San Diego Comic Con, the “Head Full of Bees” poster, based on the Jellyfist character “Baby Bee Head”, will flop into existence. Twenty-four inches tall, and printed on sassy eggshell-toned paper, this was truly a labor of love. Please, my friends, feast your ocular cavities upon dis…

This poster will be available through Slave Labor Graphics, at their booth within the SD Comic Con, and on their website in the upcoming future times. When I actually get an address, I’ll post it up.