Wes Anderson Artshow at The Meltdown!

Cider Decider

I ended up doing this goofy digital piece, called “Cider Decider” from The Fantastic Mr. Fox!  I couldn’t resist the Rat’s charms, he was by far my favorite design in the film!  Yay!!

<3 <3 <3

Did a wee updated self portrait…


Bravest Warriors!


I had the privilege of working on the final episode of this season’s Bravest Warriors!  I got to design all sorts of goodies, including the Pony Lords, the full evolution of the monster door and Beth’s paralyzed horse!

I thought I’d throw some of my favorite designs up here!


secret-mountain-fort-awesome-logoLittle known fact, I worked on (the awesome) Pete Browngardt’s Secret Mountain Fort Awesome before it was kicked off of Cartoon Network!  I’d have to say that it was one of the most intense, but fun productions I have ever worked on.  I never threw any of the artwork up here, because, well…  I’m forgetful.  But I figured that I would now!  I picked a few silly images to put here.  There are lots more, but I seem to have misplaced them.  When I come across them again, I will add them to the collection.

I truly loved working this production, and all the lovely people I got to meet on it.

Plus, drawing butts and pimples all day was fucking sweet.






My talented bros Aaron and Drew have a brilliant comic series called Eldritch! that I did this pin up for a little while back!  You should read the comics to have this image make sense…  (wink wink).

Shop Update!


My store hast been updated with goodies!  I am selling my Creepachu prints solo now, and I have restocked Floaty Cat prints!  Yay!!

Pop on over, and take a look-see!  I’m hoping to sell some original mini paintings soon!





Lover Duckies

 Hello there, puppies!

 I have gone and submitted a design to Threadless’, Pin-up Tee Challenge!  I’ll love you forever if you pop over there and give me a 5!!!  My goal here is to buy a new computer with the winnings.  My poor lappy is on the verge of hard-drive failure and has been through some recent, intensive repairs; so I live everyday in fear of it taking a massive techno-shit on me (yes, I back up obsessively).In addition to my ducky-faced duo getting inked up on a shirt, Threadless will also print up awesome temporary tattoos of the design (which I am WAY TOO giddy about).

So, please…  find it in your heart to help a ducky out.

<3 <3 <3

PS: That robot tee I did with Threadless is an affordable $9.50 at the moment!bot

Scoop-Bros Print

Well, HELLO!

It has been what feels like ages since I posted on my own site.  I mean, what the hell, right?

Recently, I carved out some time to do a small edition of prints for my lovely friend Deanna Rooney’s Sweaty/Drippy artshow at Meltdown Comics (which happened this past Friday).  And I gotta say, I am PRETTY STOKED on these.  I had SO MUCH FUN printing up these sexy, melty bros.

This is a tri-color (florescent pink, blue and yellow) whopper of a print, silkscreened with transparent inks on velvety, porous, ULTRA-THICK pieces of 16×16 inch letterpress paper.


In the area’s where each color overlaps, they form new colors, giving it the appearance of additional purples, greens and oranges. I could not be happier with how these came out. HNNNG.

I plan on doing way more experimental prints like this, with the prismatic overlapping tones.

These will be available for purchase online very soon!  There are only 40, but if the edition has enough interest, I’m thinking about doing an alternate color version for funsies!

I hope you dig ’em!




Here’s a lil’ comic about peeing, and children.  This one is also a true story.  I’ve also included as an additional bonus, my shitty pre-comic sketches (just click dur link)!  Please to enjoy this comic of urination. (Click the comic itself for a crazy-stupid-large-legible version of the image)

Comeek! : TRUE STORY

To document other goings on of last nights dinner, aside from the god-like creation of the term “The Chocolate Unicorn”.


I rarely ever draw people I dig or preexisting characters, but due to a massive overdose of Die Antwoord, I couldn’t control my hands as they scrawled out images of Yo-Landi Vi$$er, who is already a living cartoon character.  I expect more doodles of her in the future, as she’s just WAY to fun to draw.  The finished product is based on this here sketch…


So, I guess it totally slipped my mind, as I’ve been REALLY active on das TUMBLORR and my poor little site has been hideously ignored…  but BLOODIES stickers are available in my inter-shop!  YAAAAYYY!!!  They come in sets of 4 (one of each of the Bloodies: Jabby, Mashy, Choppy and Poppy), for $8 dolluh a set.  All of the packaging is biodegradable (including the plastic baggies), and each set was hand assembled lovingly by me, and not tiny children that had their loved ones held at gunpoint. The stickers themselves are professionally printed n’ die-cut on thick glossy vinyl, and have black backings so nothing underneath will show through.

If you happen to grab a set, send photos!  If I get enough, perhaps I will do a little brog post about where you guy done stuck ’em.

As a final note, because EVERYONE like getting prezzies, each package comes with a handmade BLOODY button of a randomly selected character from the set.  Unless, you TELL me your favorite BLOODY, in which case I’ll almost always give you the one you love bestest.

I’m really excited about these stickies, guuuuuys!