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Insect photos continued…

I mentioned yesterday that I was unable to locate the oothica to those little mantids.  Well, I found it!  Not only the oothica, but a tiny newborn mantis dangling from it by a thread.  I was probably a hell of a lot more excited than your average person to discover a mantis egg sac in the yard, but hey, it’s the little things.  Right?

This little guy in the photos was so fresh outta the sac, that he hadn’t even formed a hard shell yet.  He was all soft, white, and squishy.

You can see the oothica in the photos.  Looks like part of the bark, so you’ll have to concentrate to differenciate it from the bush’s branch-arms.

Whuh? When did spring happen?

Being a shut in the majority of the time, sometimes I forget what is happening outside my door during the hours where the sun is in the sky.  Which is silly, considering I love nothing more than walking around outside barefoot, and leafing through plants for insects.  Today was the first time in ages that I actually did just that…  and goddammit…  I’m ecstatic I did.  I’ve always considered myself the poor-man’s (or woman’s) entomologist.  There are few things that compare to bug hunting for me…  getting out there, with my jars, camera, and bug net.  Examining the microcosmic planets of the insects, while trying to avoid getting ticks.  Anyway, in taking a stroll today, I happened upon some teeeensy newborn mantids, and two rather awesomely toned grasshoppers (among other things).  I hunted for those mantid’s ootheca for ages, as they seemed to be sort of clustered on one plant, but to no avail.

Either way, INSECT HIGH FIVE!!