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One week of MUTINY!

I’m so ECSTATIC, yo!  Myself and LTDtee have teamed up to make Mutiny of the Flesh shirts!!  They each come in custom boxes, with the artwork printed on the top, as well as an 8×10 print, all for the terribly reasonable price of $26.99.  They are only available for THIS WEEK ONLY (ending August 1st)!  So, if you digg em’, please pop over to the site and scoop one up!

They have also posted some SHWEET free Mutiny wallpapers in a variety of sizes!

I have a terribly itchy case of SDCC’s.

I am sure many of you secretly (or openly) resent me for my horrendous lack of consistency, but just know that deep down in my heart, I truly don’t care.

I will be at San Diego Comic Con hocking my wares, and waving my arms enthusiastically.  I would love nothing more then to see your faces, and wave my arms in them!

YES, YOU! YOUR FACE. (pointing)

Here’s my schedule (SLG Booth):

Thursday – Saturday: 2:30pm-4:00pm & 5:30pm-7:00pm

Sunday – 2:00pm-3:00pm

So, come say hello!  We can wave our arms enthusiastically together.


I have completed a super-fance-town, two color (black and turquoise) print , entitled “Mutiny of the Flesh”.  This was hand screen-printed, by me, with much love, sweat and cursing in the 105 degree heat of Los Angeles.  It was screened onto my most very favorite paper, a super-heavy, translucent, almost plastic-like, 75lbs cover weight vellum.  I have been completely obsessed with this shit for ages.

Size: 13.75 x 19.5 inches

Each print will also be accompanied by two matching buttons!  See image BELOW…

I will be bringing these along with my to SDCC, but if you’d like me to set one aside for you, they’re up in my etsy shop, just for yew!

Secret sidenote: If you are all into, around and up in this design, is going to be creating “Mutiny of the Flesh” shirts for a limited week-long-run!  I’ll tell you more when they become available… SHHHH!!!